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شیعہ نوجوانوں کو راہِ حق پرلانےکے لینے 20 سوالات Unanswerable Questions for Shias

وہ اہم سوالات متلاشیان حق نوجوانوں کوراہ حق سے ہم کنارکرنے میں بڑاعظیم کردارہے! 70 UNANSWERED QUESTIONS to Shia,...

Shiite Political Thought

The Development of Shiite Political ThoughtFrom Shura to Wilayat Al-faqeeh

 Part one:
 Chapter one: The Doctrine of Divine Imamate of The Ahl Al-bayt
Part two:
 Section one:  “EVIDENCES” for The Existence of Muhammad Bin Hassan Askari
 Chapter one: Philosophical Evidence
 Chapter Three: The historical evidence
 Chapter Six: The occultation
 Section Two: Critique of the Twelver Imamahiites's Mahdism Theory