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شیعہ نوجوانوں کو راہِ حق پرلانےکے لینے 20 سوالات Unanswerable Questions for Shias

وہ اہم سوالات متلاشیان حق نوجوانوں کوراہ حق سے ہم کنارکرنے میں بڑاعظیم کردارہے! 70 UNANSWERED QUESTIONS to Shia,...

Qur'an and Imams

There is not a single verse in Qur'an or authentic Hadith which mentions about doctrine of Imam and 12 Imamms, the fundamental doctrine of Shiaism. However the status of  rabbis and monks in Chrisitiantiy and Judaism is clearly rejected by Qur'an:

"They [Jews and Christians] take their rabbis and their monks for their lords apart from Allah, and also the Messiah, son of Mary, whereas they were commanded to worship none but the One True God. There is no god but He. Exalted be He above those whom they associate with Him in His Divinity."[Qur'an;9:31]

As a reply to this, the Holy Prophet put him a counter-question: "Is it not a fact that you accept as unlawful what they declare to be unlawful, and lawful what they declare to be lawful?" 'Adi confessed, "Yes, sir, it is so." The Holy Prophet replied, "This amounts to making them your lords." Incidentally, this Tradition shows that those who themselves set limits to the lawful and the unlawful without the authority of Allah's Book, assume for themselves the rank of Godhead, and those who acknowledge their right of making laws take them as their Lords. 

The Status of Shia Imams:
  1. "All the Imams are infallible just like the prophets. The Shi'ites derive their religion from their immaculate Imams" (Ibid, p. 22) 
  2. "By listening to the voice of a person, the Imams can tell if the person was destined to go to hell or to heaven; they would thus answer his questions accordingly" (Usool al Kafi, p. 185) .
  3. "The Imams possess all the knowledge granted to angels, prophets and messengers" (Al-Kulaini, Al-kaafi, p.255.) 
  4. "The Imams know when they will die, and they do not die except by their own choice" (Ibid, p: 258.) 
  5. "The Imams have knowledge of whatever occurred in the past and whatever will happen in the future, and nothing is concealed from them" (Ibid, p. 260.) 
  6. "The Imams have knowledge of all the revealed books, regardless of the languages in which they were revealed" (Ibid, p. 227.) 
  7. "No one compiled the Qur'an completely except the Imams, and they encompass all of its knowledge' (Ibid, p. 228) 
  8. "Signs of the prophets are possessed by the Imams" (Ibid, p. 231.) 
  9. "When the Imams' time comes, they will rule in accordance with the ruling of the prophet David and his dynasty. These Imams will not need to ask for presentation of evidence before passing their judgments" (Ibid,p. 397.) 
  10. "There is not a single truth possessed by a people save that which originated with the Imams, and everything which did not proceed from them is false" (Ibid, p.277.) 

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