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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Taqiyyah: Pious Lying

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, what I am going to tell you is somthing that all of us muslims should know about the Shi'ites, this fandamental thing will show us why the Shi'ites can't be trusted, and why the Shi'ites are such of an enemy to Islam, this article of the Shi'ite faith called Taqayyah (concealment, deception or lying) lets the Shi'ites betray us and lie about Hadeeth and the Quran, this is also why a Shi'ite can never be used as a witness, or why he can not narrate Hadeeth, I myself have when talking to Shi'ites have found out that they always lie about Hadeeth for example on of them told me that there was a Hadeeth in Bukhari cursing all of the sahabah, so I asked him for the proof and he said that he had it, so he gave me a page full of references, all which were irrelevant and have nothing to do with this hadeeth. Another Shi'ite once added on a verse to the quran and tried to tell me that this was the quran when I asked for references again he just refused to tell me, since then that Shi'ite has not been around since.
I also warn all you muslims against the "Muslim" chat rooms, as there are many Shi'ites in them, I have found way over 10 who were on at one time you see they pretend to be Sunni Muslims but they try to infiltrate us by quoting their false Hadeeth and try to mislead us, as they trully despise us Muslims. So dear brothers below is evidence that Shi'ites are allowed to lie and not only that, but encouraged to lie to us Muslims.
Please note that the Shi'ites attribute the following to Abu Abdullah (Ja'far as-Sadiq):
"Mix with them(i.e. non-shia) externally but oppose them internally." (Al-Kafi vol.9 p.116) now this Shi'ite hadeeth means that they should mix with us and try to decieve us..It trully shows us Muslims what the Shi'ites are!
"He who conceals his religion has saved it, and he who makes it public has destroyed it." now this contradicts the Quran as will be shown below.
"A believer who does not dissimulate is like a body without a head." (Tafseer al-Askari) It is also interesting that the Shi'ites article of Faith "Taqayyah" is just like what the Talmudites (jews who follow the Talmud) say about the Goyyims (non-jews,) as all Talmudites say that they should lie to us non-jews..You see this explains a lot about the Shi'ites and their Similarities with the Jews as the Shi'ite sect was started by Abdullah bin Saba'. (a Jew who started the shi'ite religion, just with the intent of trying to destroy the Muslims..this in explained in the article "Who founded the Shi'ite Religion")
"Nine tenths of religion is taqiyyah (dissimulation), hence one who does not dissimulate has no religion." (Al-Kafi vol.9 p.110) This shows us that Shi'ites have to lie to us as if they don't then they will not be called Muslims by other Shi'ites....it shows us how sick is the Shi'ite faith.
Concerning the verse, "Verily the most noble of you in Allah's sight is the most God-fearing (atqaakum)" , the Shia attribute the following interpretation of "atqaakum": "That is, your deeds done by taqiyyah (dissimulation) (Al-I'tiqadat)
So as you can see, the Shi'ites beleive that they should decieve us with their lies, as the Shi'ites hate us, sunni muslims, by calling us worse than dogs....("Although Allah, the Exalted, has not created a creature worse than a dog, yet a Nasbi (ie. A Sunni) is worse than even a dog." here is the Shi'te book that this lie came from (Haqqul Yakeen (Persian) Vol 2, P. 516)
So my dear Muslims now you know just a small part of what the Shi'ites say in their books which insult the meaning of Islam with their superstisious ideas and horrible lies against the Sahabah. (the prophets Companions)
Now I will finish of with this magnicificant ayah from the Quran which shows us that Taqayyah (deception, lying etc) is forbidden in Islam.. and the Shi'ites practice this Taqqayah on us Muslims!!! so dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, Allah states in the Noble Quran: "Surely those who hide from people the clear proofs and guidance, which we clarified in the Book (Qur'an), will be cursed by Allah and all those who curse." (2:159)
And the statement of the Prophet (s.a.w) who said: "Whoever is asked for knowledge and conceals it will have a bridle of fire around his neck on the Day of Judgement." (Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi)
So dear Brothers and Sisters, now Inshallah we can see beyond the Curtain concealing the Shi'ites true beleifs and not just the ones that he wishes to show us.... Inshallah Allah will guide us to the truth and may we all see the Shi'ites for what they are..... Ameen.
Here, we examine one of the peculiar aspects of the Shia faith, namely the belief in Taqiyyah (lying to save one’s religion). It is in fact this belief which has allowed the Shia cult to grow in such a manner that the masses remain oblivious to the threat posed by it.
Here, we examine one of the peculiar aspects of the Shia faith, namely the belief in Taqiyyah (lying to save one’s religion). It is in fact this belief which has allowed the Shia cult to grow in such a manner that the masses remain oblivious to the threat posed by it.
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    Taqiyyah translates to “the act of deceiving.” An explanation of Taqiyyah was given by the Infallible Imam of the Shia as recorded in Al-Kafi, the most reliable of the Shia books of Hadith: The Imam said that Taqiyyah is to say one thing outwardly but to believe another inwardly. There is another term for this: lying. It is indeed strange that the Shia faith not only allows for lying but commands it!

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