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شیعہ نوجوانوں کو راہِ حق پرلانےکے لینے 20 سوالات Unanswerable Questions for Shias

وہ اہم سوالات متلاشیان حق نوجوانوں کوراہ حق سے ہم کنارکرنے میں بڑاعظیم کردارہے! 70 UNANSWERED QUESTIONS to Shia,...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the new Kalimah of the Shii'ahs ?

A: Laa ilaaha illallaah Muhammadur Rasuulullaah, 'Alii waliiyullaah, Khomeinii hujjatullaah.

Q: Why do the Shias still print, publish, distribute sell, verbally accept the present Quran and even enter Qiraat competition etc ?.
A: The answer is very easy. The Shias believe and actually practice in TAQIYYAH .

Q: What is Taqiyyah ?
Taqiyyah means (holy hypocrisy, dissimulation)- to internally believe in one thing and verbally, externally state and display the , OPPOSITE. The words spoken diametrically to the ideas and percepts of the speaker. This is just to beguile the opponents or to save oneself from awkward or critical positions. Imam Ja'fer is alleged to have said that Taqiyyah is 9th parts of 10th parts of the religion (Usul-e-kafee 482).

Q: What is Muta ?
A: It means temporary marriage with unmarried women. It is considered an act of great merit. Muta should be for a specified period against fixed dowry.

Q: What is Tabarra ?
A: This is one of the main pillars of Shi'ism. It means disowning of the first three Caliphs - Hazrat Abu Bakar, Omar and Othman. During Muharram celebration the Shi'a greatly indulge in Tabarra. The more a Shia indulges in Tabarra the more meritorious he becomes (Islahur Rusum 352).

Q: If a husband has become a Shia during the marriage, is that sufficient grounds for the wife to be granted a faskh?
A: All Shi’as are not non-Muslims. In the case mentioned, if the husband adheres to the beliefs of those Shi’as who are still regarded as Muslims, he becomes a Faasiq (flagrant sinner). Sinning is not a valid reason for the faskh (annulment) of the Nikah. However, if he embraces the beliefs of those Shi’as who are regarded as non-Muslim, he is also declared a non-Muslim. In such a case, there is no need for Faskh as the Nikah has automatically terminated by his Kufr.

Q: If someone want to convert Shia as Sunni or to convey Shia what is truth about Islam, what should I do?

A: It is not advisable for one to engage in any type of 'polite debate' with a friend who is Shia as this might create confusion due to a lack of knowledge. It is best that to tell the friend to read some books for example Urdu--->Shia Sunni Ikhtilaaf Aur Sirat-e-Mustaqeem English--->Al-Istiqam

Q: Is there any truth that Shia's say reguarding the Hadees; "There will be 12 commanders." (Bukhari)?

A: There is no Hadees reguarding any claim about the 12 Imams or Commanders to be accepted (as Shia says). If some exist, it is Tehreef and clearly not Sahih Hadees.

Q: One can do Dawah to a Shia on Internet or via mail, is he rewarded?
A: Yes! because it is Farz on everyone to preech because to present the true picture of Islam and to defend the true religion of ALLAH,

Q: Can 786 be written equal to BismiLLAH?

The numbers can represent many things. They can represent bad words and good words, etc. There are two things to keep in mind here. One is that number 786 is not a proper substitute for Bismillah. So, if somebody writes 786 instead of Bismillah, it is not like writing Bismillah. Also, if somebody utters this number instead of the actual Bismillah then he/she would not have the reward of saying it. Also, if somebody wants to use the number out of respect just to seek blessings then there is nothing wrong with that either. This could be done, just in utterance or in writing. Usually, things are also based on the intentions.