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شیعہ نوجوانوں کو راہِ حق پرلانےکے لینے 20 سوالات Unanswerable Questions for Shias

وہ اہم سوالات متلاشیان حق نوجوانوں کوراہ حق سے ہم کنارکرنے میں بڑاعظیم کردارہے! 70 UNANSWERED QUESTIONS to Shia,...


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There are many sites on Shiaism many with extreme but convincing opinions, some selected videos with moderate views have been embeded here:
Any problem use link for over 100 videos click here: http://goo.gl/2Vn4N

This is a very important talk on shia'ism by Sheikh Mumtaz ul Haq. The topics dealt with are: 
1) The concept and view on martyrdom.
2) Proof from shia books that they belive that all the shabah became apostates after the death of the Prophet [pbuh] bar 5.
3)-The reasons for the rift between Muawiyya [ra] and Ali [ra].
4)The Martyrdom of Hussain [ra] a sunni perspective. 

Video: False story of Broken Rib of Hazrat Fatima Az-Zuhra [ra] Exposed 

Bilal Phillps explains some beliefs of Shi'ah:

AburRahman Green Why he did not accept Shiaism:

Do Shia Follow Islam?

The video below explains as to how can Shiites claim to be Muslims? They violate Islam in everything. Here is some evidence:

  1. Crossing Limits: Shiites exceed the limits in glorifying Ali, Faitmah and their children [Allah be pleased withe them] which all Muslims love and respect.  [The Christians also exceeded the limits, amounting to worship, associating attributes of Allah and His powers to their priest and monks see Qur'an;9:31, note,31].
  2. Infallible Imams: Shiites believe that the imams of Ahl al-Bayt are infallible and even they know all of the unseen & Prescient. All Muslims believe that ALLAH alone knows the unseen & Prescient.
  3. Status of Qu’an: Shia believe that the Qur'an is Interpolated, and all Muslims believe that ALLAH Almighty save it from any distortion. More over they believe the Qura'n can only be interpreted by their Imams, common people have to just recite, this is against commands of Allah to believers to follow understand, ponder over Qur'an [38:29, 6:155, 10:24, 13:30, 16:11, 39:22, 45:132, 16:69] and many verses 
  4. Slander the Companions:  Shiites slander the companions of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, and say that they changed the religion of ALLAH after the death of the Prophet. All Muslims believe that the companions of the Messenger of Allah are trustworthy men and that they picked us up the religion as they took it from the Messenger of ALLAH, and they are the best of humans after the prophets, and that they open all the Muslim countries. [see Qur'an;9:110, 9:117]
  5. Insult the mothers of the believers: Shiite insult the wives of the Messenger of ALLAH, and ALLAH told us that they were mothers of the believers.[see Qur'an;33:6]
  6. Status of Harmain: Shia believe that Karbala is greatest than the city of Mecca and al Medina.
  7. Not follow way of Ahl al Bait: Shiites claim to love the Ahl Al Bayt, but they do not follow their way, which is worshiping ALLAH alone with no partner.

Narrated Al-Miqdam ibn Ma'dikarib

Ayesha [r.a]; the mother of Believers:

Sheikh Othman Al-Khamees explains the status of one of the Prophet's (pbuh) wife Aysha (ra) in the islam and to muslim. She is the mother of the believers, and those who dont believe in her and love her, is not a believer.

Ayesha []r.a] did not graduate from any university there were no universities as such in her day. But still her utterances are studied in faculties of literature, her legal pronouncements are studied in colleges of law and her life and works are studied and researched by students and teachers of Muslim history as they have been for over a thousand years.
The bulk of her vast treasure of knowledge was obtained while she was still quite young. In her early childhood she was brought up by her father who was greatly liked and respected for he was a man of wide knowledge, gentle manners and an agreeable presence. Moreover he was the closest friend of the noble Prophet who was a frequent visitor to their home since the very early days of his mission.
In her youth, already known for her striking beauty and her formidable memory, she came under the loving care and attention of the Prophet himself. As his wife and close companion she acquired from him knowledge and insight such as no woman has ever acquired.

Dr.Allamah Tahir ul Qadri, Rejects the Shia Propaganda, Disinformation about Insult and maltreatment of Hazrat Fatimah Zuhra[r.a], the beloved Daughter of Prophet Muhammad [pbuh]

Honorable Companions of Prophet [pbuh]:
11 Shia Imams respected the Honorable Companions of Prophet [pbuh], some of them named their children as Abu Bakar, Umar and Ayesha. They were one ... lies and false propaganda by Shias is regrettable:

Battle of Camel-The Facts, Dr.Tahirul Qadri

Dr Tahir ul Qadri's Irrefutable proves on Shia Sunni 

History: A Must watch video with Quranic references!

 If the pious companions deviated, then who conducted Jihad against them? Ali [r.a] 

was advisor of Abubakar and Umar. Ali [r.a] did not opposed them even if to avoid disunity, he did

 not conduct Jihad against them. He did not take out sword against them, because he was with them.

Fabricated Hadith- The Gate of Knowledge

Shia Imamat & Khilafat: 1/4 to 4/4 

There is No Explicit Quranic Verse or Clear cut Hadith in its Favour 1/4

A Comprehensive Rundown form Qur'an and Hadith- Must see all 4 parts

Part 2/4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGKIJl1s4OM&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL
Part 3/4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_rtacCCTxk&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL
Part 4/4:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKy9o-el354&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL



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